I have to get my thoughts out so I’ve decided to write on this blog right now. The last two days has been boring, yet exhausting. I am absolutely out of energy, and the goal of the day is to eat. I mean, how sad is that?

I really miss how I had it before, working out four times a week, getting good grades, partying with my friends.. It’s been so long, and now I’m really starting to miss a normal life.

On Monday my Spanish class is going on a trip to Spain, and i may or may not come along. I imagine how good the trip could have been, school a few hours, lunch, shopping with my friends and then out on a club or something, but instead it is possible I’ll end up at the room all week so it’s hard to decide whether to tag along or not.

Anyways, enough talk for today, I will use the night trying to relax and getting ready for school tomorrow.

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Suddenly the streets were covered in white and snow was falling from the sky. It’s kind of nice, but at the same time it means it’ll get really cold outside. But the snow can absolutely stay for the rest of December, it fulfills the Christmas feeling along with my list of Christmas songs on Spotify.


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just ordered

I have always ordered clothes online, and especially at Today I ordered this lovely cardigan and I can’t wait to pick it up at the store and finally wear it. With the code 1304 i saved 50 NOK, and with 0890 I got 40 % off the piece.


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week 46

Exactly one week ago I had been lying home for three days, now I’ve been home yet another week. It’s weird how long this has lasted, and still I’m not well. Regard of the illness I have to go back to school and work tomorrow, so I hope it goes ok. Anyways, I never have the occasion to take any pictures, but I will use my favorite source, my tumblr.


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VS fashion show

Two days ago the famous fashion show by Victoria’s secret was held. Artists like Taylor Swift, Fall Out Boy and Neon Jungle were performing their hits on the catwalk next to the stunning models. December 10th the show will finally air, only 25 days, 9 hours, and 40 minutes according to

As always everything looks amazing. Below there’s a 2 minute clip from the show, enjoy.

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Marant pour H&M

For the last month I’ve read about it on blogs, in magazines and online. The new collection Isabel Marant made for H&M. I’ve looked at it before, but this time I picked out my favorite pieces. I love how they have mixed basic with urban, this way everyone finds a favorite piece. Well, here’s mine, and the rest you can see here.


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pink nail polish

I love inspiriting pictures like this, and always try to take some myself. The pink nail polish is perfect for my nails and I love to vary my nails with different colors. 3



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my movie tips

When it’s this cold outside and the best thing to do is to lie under a blanket and watch a movie, I figured it was time for some movie recommendations. Just today I saw two of them. When I want to watch a movie, I always have the same big problem: Which movie? I use to google ”girly movies” since that’s my favorite type, but I’ve already seen them all. Therefore I tried to put together movies not everybody has seen already.

Number 1 – I Don’t Know How She Does It (2011)

A nice and girly movie, with Sarah Jessica Parker as the main character. All her working and a busy family life challenges her, and she has to prioritize what’s most important to her.

Number 2 – The Women (2008)

Yet another girly movie, but this time about these four girls and their friendship. These girls have struggles both in their personal life, and their friendship so they have to find a way to work things out.

Number 3 – The Impossible (2012)

This is the best film I have ever seen, but before you put it on. Be aware – I haven’t cried this much of any movie before. So be sure you have tissues, a pillow and a good friend to cry with.

Of course I have seen a lot more good movies, but this was the best for today. Maybe if it’s an interesting post I will do some more of this.

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7th day


Sunday. The last day of the week has arrived and a new week begins tomorrow. Seven new days filled with schoolwork, work, friends and a lot more. Today I’m trying to prepare for tomorrow by doing some schoolwork, but I’m not very productive. At least I have the strawberries as reward.


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